2016 Q2 Snapshots of the Taiwan Startup Ecosystem

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2016/08/18 by lingdecklee

  1. Can Taiwan Become A Digital Island? Taiwan Today 2016/7/1

“Without a huge domestic market or homegrown internet services with an international reach, Taiwan is facing a super-sized challenge: …”

  1. Taiwan’s state-run fund NDF puts $20m to Infinity Venture Partners’ third fund Deal Streat Asia 2016/6/29

“Infinity Venture Partners (IVP), that supports early-stage startups across Japan, China and Taiwan, announced yesterday that it has raised another $25 million in funding, raising its total corpus to $75 million, more than double its original size. …”

  1. COMPUTEX 2016 New Exhibit, InnoVEX, Showcasing the Tech-startup Ecosystem, Ends on High Note Business Wire 2016/6/3

“COMPUTEX 2016’s debut exhibit, InnoVEX, attracted 217 exhibiting startups from 22 countries. Thirty-five percent were global companies and 25 were award-winning teams …”

  1. Taiwan: Crowdfund Heaven The News Lens 2016/6/1

“Tim Cheng (鄭光廷) is the co-founder and chief executive of Taiwan crowdfunding platform flyingV. The Taipei-based company was established in early 2012 …”

  1. HTC Moves From VR Headset Maker To Game Developer: ‘Front Defense’ To Be Unveiled Next Week Tech Time 2016/5/28

“HTC, the smartphone manufacturer-turned-virtual reality headset maker, with its release of the HTC Vive, is undergoing another transformation. …”

  1. Taiwan Through the Eyes of Local Startups Tech in Asia 2016/5/25

“It is regarded as a small market that is dwarfed by its giant neighbors of Japan, China and Philippines. But despite its small size, Taiwan’s population of 23 million grew economically …”

  1. Advice from Foreign Startups to Taiwanese Entrepreneurs: Embrace Failure The News Lens 2016/5/23

“James O’Claire, COO of Bubbleye, came to Taiwan last year to attend an eight-week program by MOX, a mobile-only accelerator. …”

  1. Taiwan – Startup Ecosystem in Transition Silicon Valley Forum 2016/5/22

“Taiwan, the world renown tech island from Asia, transitions into its current tech prominence in spite of its relatively small population size …”

  1. Taiwan Startups Need to Break the Shackles of Confucius The News Lens 2016/4/29

“Taiwanese entrepreneurs and investors must break from Confucian tradition if the island is to take the mantle as the Silicon Valley of Asia. …”

  1. HTC Launches A $100M Startup Accelerator To Show It’s Really, Really Serious About VR The Next Web 2016/4/26

“HTC’s been busy with launch of the HTC 10 and Vive, but now it’s got a new project on deck: an accelerator program for virtual reality startups. …”

  1. Taiwan AI Startup Shines Globally and Promotes Startups in Taiwan The News Lens 2016/4/13

“On March 16, Yu Chih-han, a 37-year-old Taiwanese entrepreneur, was selected as one of the World Economic Forum (WEF) 121 young global leaders. …”

  1. Asia Isn’t Mobile-first, It’s Post-mobile, Says Report By Adtech Startup Appier Tech in Asia 2016/4/8

“Asia lives in a post-mobile world, according to a report by Taiwan-based adtech and artificial intelligence (AI) startup Appier. …”

  1. This Startup Uses AI to Automatically Generate Videos From Text Articles Tech in Asia 2016/4/6

“Publishers are continuously looking for new ways to expand their reach. One sure bet? Video. …”


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