[Interview] Jessie Wu, Director of Marketing/Public Relations of VMFive

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2015/03/27 by lingdecklee

 [The following is an interview by Jessica Kao (EST’s Executive Director) on Jessie Wu, Director of Marketing/Public Relations of VMFive, with authorization for publishing on the personal blog of Start Jeffrey Up and the FB page of Entrepreneurs Society of Taiwan (EST).]



About VMFive:

1. How would you describe your business or startup to someone you meet for the first time?

We are providing a brand new interactive format of mobile advertising. We enable users to try game apps before they download the games.

  1. What appealed to you about this startup idea rather than the many other startups you could have been a part of?

This company has pioneer and leading technology. I think there is a great market opportunity for our company. As one of the first employees of the company, I feel I can learn and grow quickly in this environment.

  1. Who are your target customers and what is your business model?

Our target customers are Mobile Game Publishers, Advertising Companies and App Stores.

Our business model is to provide “AdPlay – Try Before Download” service to our customers, and let users to experience apps before install.

Now we collaborate with our customers with a new model called CPT, cost per trial. Which means whenever a user trys the app with AdPlay, game publishers pay us.

  1. Who are some of your direct or indirect competitors? How do you seek to differentiate yourselves?

Direct competitors: App.io, Voxel, mNectar

Indirect competitors: Any kind of advertising unit.

We can differentiate through out our improved conversion rate, retention rate and Lifetime Value.

  1. How are decisions made in your company? The advantages and disadvantages of this process?

There are several leaders (or person in-charge) in different departments, such as director of business development, director of marketing/PR, director of product, director of engineering.

Each of these directors have meetings with the CEO and other directors related to the decision, so that we can further our product and technology development, and are able to meet requests from customers.

All major decisions are made by the CEO; all other decisions are made by department directors.

  1. What has been your best marketing investment to date?

We previously have been promoted ourselves by attending startup competitions, which has really helped us get attention from investors and target customers. However, the media and audience attention that these competitions have attracted can only last for less than half year. Thus our next strategy is to convince our customers by collaborating as real partners.


About Jessie:



1. Why entrepreneurship? Why not entrepreneurship?

If you have passion for the work you’re doing, and you can learn a lot from it, and you can feel satisfied when you achieve something. There is no right or wrong about deciding to become an entrepreneur. People always think of working in a startup as being full of risks and uncertainties. But actually fact, is it also risky to work in a big company. Working in a large company does not mean you will have “future” as an employee in that company. Being an entrepreneur could be considered another kind of “job”, except no one is going to tell you what to do or how to do it — you must find the way out on your own. It is lonely and stressful to be an entrepreneur. Therefore, you have to be brave, be strong, be smart, and keep on fighting.

  1. What is one great experience you’ve had working on your startup? What is one not-so-great learning experience?

The best experience it that I’ve learned a lot during the startup’s rapid growth. I’ve taken many business trips to Japan, China, Silicon Valley and Korea in this year, and I have made many connections while visiting potential customers and investors.

My not-so-great learning experience is the same with my great experience — we grew too fast. It made our team lose focus. Recently, we had tried to slow down and re-organize our team structure.

  1. What helps you keep going in the face of challenges and obstacles?

Enthusiasm. The unknown future makes me feel excited. It is always fun to learn by doing. Also, whenever I met someone new or discover something that I didn’t know, I feel a strong passion.

  1. What skill has been most useful to you in your entrepreneurship journey?

Listening and communicating. Being a sincere and easy going person, makes it easy to make friends, and also get help from others.

  1. What do you need to learn or improve to take your business to the next level?

I have to learn how to negotiate with customers regarding contracts and pricing.


[Jessie will be a guest speaker at the upcoming EST event on March 27: EST Woman Entrepreneurs Night. Join us and listen to her startup stories!]

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