A Few Articles About Enterprise Social Network (ESN)

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2014/10/01 by lingdecklee

Following my first article on ESN (How Many Enterprise Social Networks (ESN) Out There?), the following articles are a good read for those of you interested in the subject matter and wishes to learn the best practices:

About to implement an enterprise social network? Wait! Read this first

Successfully launch your enterprise social network with these 5 steps

A simple guide to moderating your enterprise social network

Skeptical execs scuppering your enterprise social network? Here’s how to win them around

Top tips for making your enterprise social network a runaway success


[Startup events] Entrepreneurs Society of Taiwan (EST) does startup events for the English-speaking segment of the entrepreneurial community in Taiwan. Please visit its Facebook Group for updates on the following events:

(1) October 16, 6:30pm: EST/TEC Cofounders Night
(2) October 29, 7:00pm: EST Woman Entrepreneurs Night
(3) November 12, 7:00pm: EST Speakers Night
(4) November 26, 7:00pm: EST Woman Entrepreneurs Night
(5) December 10, 7:00pm: EST Speakers Night


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