Asia Bio Startup Creates A New Dimension Of Oral Healthcare

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2014/09/12 by lingdecklee

[The following post appeared first on TechView Asia.]

How effective is your tooth-brushing ?

If tooth-brushing is enough, how are we still suffering from oral care problems such as high percentage of tooth decay and significant population taking tooth implant surgeries in their young age? Aren’t we brushing our teeth twice or even three times a day? Some of us are doing much more, including flossing and/or mouth-rinsing. Yet, periodontal problems are still prevalent.

Perplexing, isn’t it? Something must be wrong or missing in the process, which is why a bunch of Taiwan-based entrepreneurs led by Peter Chou, founder and CEO of Toothfilm Inc., an oral hygienic care innovator, got together and created products that get to the root of what our teeth and gum need in an attempt to reduce the chances of teeth decay and gum problems.

Many people make the effort of taking several breaks a day to attend to the teeth-brushing/flossing/mouth-rinsing routine. If you are already spending the time taking care of your oral health, the time better be a well spent one, right?

The key problem with the common dental cleaning practices nowadays is that they do not afford sufficient time for the applied agents to do their things. That is, if you understand the dynamics of more than 700 types of identified bacteria found in your mouths at any given time and how long it actually takes for any given formula to effectively work on protecting your teeth and gum tissues, you will appreciate why time is an important factor.

Instead of using acute and really radically active agents, the Toothfilm team always prefers developing healthy and safe formula that works. No medicine or organic chemical is used in Toothfilm’s products, merely biologically formulated agents. It takes a bit longer to apply and to see the result but it is proven to be really safe and workable, not to mention edible! The other thing about time is that, to reduce sensitivity of the teeth, it will take time for the calcium-rich formula in the Toothfilm products to develop on dentin through re-crystallization.

Toothfilm 2

With two years of tremendous in-house effort and with the help of its production partners, the bio startup has commercialized the world’s first ever “Toothfilm”, a US patented mask designed for overall teeth care. When you take it out from the sterilized packaging, you fold it from 2D into 3D denture form and paste it onto your teeth and gum. Your saliva helps to release the formula onto the inter-dental and gum areas. After 20~30 mins, you take it off leaving yourself healthy dental and oral condition.

i-d shop

Along with “Toothfilm”, the bio startup also developed the handy “T-Spray”, which uses the same innovative formula, but in liquid form, meaning you can take it and use it anywhere, anytime. “T-Spray” even comes in various flavors, just in case some customers do get bored with too little choices.

While Toothfilm has made its way into some key channels both online and offline in its home market Taiwan, the team is aggressively seeking quality distribution partners overseas to introduce the innovative products to different markets such as America, Europe, China, Southeast Asia, Africa and Middle East regions.

Taiwan is not a realm of ICT startups anymore. Bio startups are rising too. Toothfilm is all about making your time well spent when it comes to daily oral healthcare. Stay tuned for more exiting news from this one-of-a-kind startup!


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