QSearch, Google for Facebook

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2014/08/01 by lingdecklee

[The following post appeared first on TechView Asia.]

For years, Google and Facebook have affected the lives of netizen one way or another. However, the two are, on many occasions, worlds apart: it is hard to think of a more useful tool than Google, and it is hard to think of a deeper productivity sinkhole than Facebook. That’s probably why most workplaces welcome Google but ban Facebook. This notwithstanding, social media is where most of us spend our time nowadays, whether we are working or otherwise. If we become inseparable from Facebook, is there no way to make Facebook as useful a tool as Google? Introducing QSearch, a budding big data analytics startup with a mission that is purly audacious – making social media a useful tool for the world.

What QSearch essentially does is that it makes the social media timeline searchable by keywords, and it does it fast and free of charge. The capability is truly amazing, as Roger Do, the team mentor, relates, “My wife loves to bake and one night, she had a hankering for mango cake, so she tried to locate a group post on Facebook that had the recipe. She gave up after 15 minutes because it was too frustrating . I installed the QSearch browser plugin for her, and she located a two year old recipe in 30 seconds. That night, I got a slice of mango cake. A big slice.”

Facebook’s search tool is essentially for discovery, not retrieval. QSearch wants to change that by becoming a ‘personal Google’ for all Facebook users – retrieving information from user’s own personal posts on their timeline, their friends, their groups, and their fan pages. In fact, QSearch’s technology is not only useful for personal purposes, it is also useful to businesses. No secret sauce is revealed on how they would do it, although QSearch believes that businesses that are using existing social media marketing tools should give QSearch a try instead. QSearch can achieve a much higher click-through rate than other alternatives available out there, and it does not rely on ad re-targeting to arrive at the result. ”We get 7.3% click through rate, roughly 16 times that of Facebook Ads”, says confidently, the 24-year-old Elliot Chou, founder and CEO of QSearch.

QSearch has several service offerings for businesses that are interested in identifying the pinpoint accurate target audience for their products/services. There is Powerlist which enables QSearch’s users to target an audience by the content of their dialogue rather than by their demographics or social groupings. QSearch also has Page Expert and Page Trend available for the fan page managers – the former allows the managers to identify and build relationship with the most influential fans, while the latter supplies the managers a summary on the ever-changing topics trending among the fans. If these are still not enough, QSearch can also scan Facebook on a global scale and monitor trends for brands.


Earlier this year, QSearch won the coveted Echelon 2014 Taiwan Satellite, and has been growing by leaps and bounds in the 3 months leading up to Echelon. It has a sound revenue model and wants to set their foot in both Asia and Latin America. Apart from Facebook, it also seeks integration with Twitter. Currently, QSearch is available as a browser plug-in and as a Google Android download.

QSearch’s mission is to make itself a useful resource for business, for groups, and for everyone. If you happen to be a Facebook fan and are frustrated by its seemingly lack of relevance at work, time to give QSearch a try.


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