How Many Enterprise Social Networks (ESN) Out There?


2014/07/09 by lingdecklee

So, how do you communicate with your colleagues when at work? Can the workplace be more social? Or can we really mix work with social at all? Most of us are on various social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Line etc, but these are mostly for non-work-related purposes. So do we need a dedicated social network for workplace? Or is this a question of when, not if? Asian markets will probably need some time to get used to the idea, but the United States workplaces seem to be more receptive to the whole notion, as evidenced by the multiple ESN startups springing up all over the country. Let’s take a look at how many choices there are when it comes to ESN. 

Bitrix24 (Alexandria, 2011):

– chat and messaging, video chat, activity stream, employee directory, ‘like’ and ‘badges’, file sharing, task management, project management, company structure, email notification, user profile, calendar, photo albums, time management, online storage, CRM, app marketplace etc

– Mac, Windows, Android, iOS

– freemium (free; 99; 199; others); English, German

– 200k+ organizations

Chatter (San Francisco, 2010):

– chat and messaging, activity feed, user profile, file sharing, smart recommendation, customized publishing etc

– sync: Salesforce’s infrastructure and development platforms

– Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, RIM, web

– freemium (free; 15); English

– created by Salesforce; 210k+ networks

Communifire (San Diego, 2007):

– chat and messaging, activity stream, notification, business collaboration, team collaboration, task management, project management, microblogging, events, forums, communities, issue tracker, file sharing, document management, knowledge management, calendars etc

– Windows, Android, iOS, RIM, Windows Phone, web

– freemium (free; 49; various others); 27 languages

– created by Axero Solutions; 550k+ users

Convo (San Francisco, 2011): 

– chat and messaging, notification, search, annotation, groups, file sharing, task management, project management, business collaboration, employee profile, external networks, knowledge management etc

– Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, web

– freemium (free; 9; 19); English

– Series A $5m (2013); 9.5k+ companies

Cotap (San Francisco, 2013):

– messaging, notification, directory, email interoperability, custom mobile alert etc

– iOS, Android

– freemium (free; 5; 10)

– Series A $5.5m (2013); Series B $10m (2014)

eXo Platform (San Francisco, 2003):

– chat, activity stream, user profile, search, document management, enterprise directory, wikis, forums, calendars, dashboards, task management, CRM, add-ons etc

– Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, web

– freemium (free; 3; others); 16 languages

– Series A $6m (2010)

Hall (Mountain View, 2011):

– chat and messaging, video chat, notification, file sharing etc

– sync: email, Asana, Github, Heroku, Zendesk etc

– Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, web

– freemium (free; 8)

– seed $580k (2011); Series A $5.5m (2013)

HipChat (San Francisco, 2009):

– chat, notification, search, video chat, screen sharing, file sharing, emoticons, third party access etc

– sync: MailChimp, Heroku, Zendesk, Github, Twitter etc

– Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, desktop, web

– freemium (free; 2); English

– angel $100k (2010); acquired by Atlassian (2012)

Insidey (San Salvador, 2014):

– chat, notification, multimedia sharing, employee profile, following and followers, people directory, groups, discussions, calendar, team collaboration, knowledge management, Google Apps integration etc

– sync: Google Groups

– desktop, mobile, web

– freemium (free; 3; 6); multiple languages

– created by Aeegle

Jive (Palo Alto, 2001):

– chat, activity stream, search, document collaboration, smart recommendation, blogs, videos, wikis, knowledge management, employee directory, guest invite, business analytics, social CRM, gamification etc

– sync: email, Outlook, Office, SharePoint, Salesforce, Box, Evernote, Dropbox, Yammer, Chatter, Exchange, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, RSS etc

– Mac, iOS, RIM, Windows Phone, web

– various pricing; Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish

– Series A $15m (2007); Series B $12m (2009); Series C $30m (2010); NASDAQ (2011); unknown $5.2m (2012); unknown $7.3m (2013)

Joincube (Buenos Aires, 2012):

– chat and messaging, notification, activity stream, microblogging, comments, search, groups, file sharing, task management, knowledge management, badges and leaderboards, dashboard, events etc

– freemium (free; 24; 49); English, Spanish, Portuguese

– seed $5.7k (2012); seed $40k (2012); seed $100k (2012)

Jostle (London, 2009):

– conversations and discussions, file sharing, search, likes and comments, polls, organizational chart, events etc

– iOS

– angel $3.1m (2013);

Kato (Oakland, 2013):

– chat and messaging, video chat, external networks, search, multimedia sharing, screen sharing, knowledge management, emoji etc

– sync: Dropbox

– freemium (free; 5); English

– seed $118k (2013); Series A $1.8m (2013)

MangoApps (London, 2007):

– chat and messaging, threaded conversations, HD video conferencing, screen sharing, notification, microblogging, online meeting, user profile, people directory, pages, groups, search, wikis, multimedia sharing, project management, document management, task management, event management, idea management, CRM, polls, events, calendar etc

– sync: Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, LinkedIn, Microsoft Outlook, RSS, SharePoint, Twitter etc

– Windows, Android, iOS, RIM, Windows Phone

– freemium (free; 5; 8); 250+ languages

Podio (Copenhagen, 2009):

– chat and messaging, video chat, file sharing, project management, task management, email integration, calendar integration, external networks, CRM, open API, app marketplace etc

– sync: Citrix products, Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive etc

– Mac, Android, iOS, web

– freemium (free; 9); 11 languages

– angel $100k (2009); angel $500k (2010); Series A $4m (2011); acquired by Citrix Systems (2012); 200+ organizations

Redbooth (Redwood City, 2009):

– conversations, wikis, file sharing, HD video conferencing, search, calendars, time tracking, email notification, reply by email, task management, project management etc

– sync: Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Evernote, Github, Outlook, Gmail etc

– Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, web

– subscription (49; 99; 149; 199); 10 languages

– seed $250k (2010); seed $500k (2012); angel $1.5m (2012); seed $1.5m (2013); Series A $5m (2013); 750k+ users; 6k+ paying accounts

Slack (San Francisco, 2009):

– chat and messaging, notification, search, multimedia sharing, project management, external networks, usage statistics, autocomplete, emoji etc

– sync: Twitter, Google Drive, Dropbox, Asana, Trello, Github, Heroku, MailChimp, RSS, Stripe, Zendesk etc

– desktop, Android, iOS

– freemium (free; 6.67; 12.50; 49.99); English

– seed $1.5m (2009); seed unknown (2010); series A $5m (2010); series B $10.7m (2011); Series C $42.8m (2014)

Socialcast (San Francisco, 2005):

– conversations, messaging, microblogging, activity stream, notification, search, user profile, forums, groups, document sharing, project management, external networks, analytics etc

– Android, iOS, RIM

– subscription (2.5; 3.75); Chinese (simplified), English, French, German, Spanish

– series A $1m (2009); angel $400k (2009); series B $8m (2010); acquired by VMware (2011)

Socialtext (Palo Alto, 2002):

– chat, microblogging, announcement, events, wikis, user profile, people directory, search, dashboard, groups, wikis, workspaces, colleague matching, task management, project management etc

– sync: SharePoint, Salesforce etc

– freemium (free; 9); English

– angel $300k (2004); series B $3.1m (2005); series C $9.5m (2007); series D $4.5m (2009); unknown $1.7m (2009); unknown $27.7m (2010); 6.5k+ businesses

Swabr (Berlin, 2010):

– conversations, microblogging, announcement, search, external networks, multimedia sharing, employee profile etc

– Android, iOS, RIM, Windows Phone

– subscription (€10; €20; €50)

– seed $200k (2013); 5k+ companies

TallyFox Cluster (Zurich, 2009):

– chat and messaging, voice and web conferencing, status update, wikis, notification, blogs, discussions, groups, search, content management, project management, task management, knowledge management, event listing, CRM, external networks etc.

– freemium (free; various others); English

Telligent (Dallas, 2004):

– chat and messaging, voice call, web conferencing, search, calendars, tasks, document management, file sharing etc

– sync: Gmail, Yahoo! etc

– Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, RIM

– subscription (various); 

– series A $20m (2008); unknown $4.5m (2009); unknown $2.3m (2010); unknown $2.2m (2011); debt $7.3m (2013); acquired and merged Zimbra to form Zimbra (2013); 100m+ end users; 5k+ companies

Tibbr (Palo Alto, 2011):

– chat, microblogging, user profile, events, search, notification, insight, polls, recommendations, file sharing, task management etc

– sync: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, SharePoint, Outlook, Oracle, SAP, Salesforce etc

– iOS, RIM

– created by TIBCO; 1m+ users

TigerText (Santa Monica, 2010):

– for healthcare providers

– text/voice messaging, self-destruct messages, message recall, forward lock delivery/read notifications, group, do-not-disturb setting, multimedia sharing etc 

– desktop, Android, iOS, web

– angel $1.9m (2010); series A $8.2m (2012); series B $21m (2014)

Tomfoolery Anchor (San Francisco, 2012):

– chat, company directory etc

– sync: Box, Dropbox, Evernote

– mobile app

– seed $1.7m (2013); acquired and shut down by Yahoo! (2014)

Unison (New York, 2011):

– chat and messaging, rooms and topics, HD video conferencing, read notification, directory, file sharing, project management etc

– Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, web

– freemium (free; 8; 15); 8 languages

Yammer (San Francisco, 2008):

– messaging, microblogging, notification, search, like and follow, pages, groups, external networks, wikis, user profile, member directory, organizational chart, file sharing, photo sharing, knowledge management, event, poll, leaderboards, analytics etc

– sync: Github, Zendesk etc

– Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, RIM, Windows Phone, web

– freemium (free; 3; 8); 26 languages

– series A $5m (2009); series B $10m (2010); series C $25m (2010); series D $17m (2011); Series E $85m (2012); acquired by Microsoft (2012); 200k+ companies; 7m+ users, including employees from 85% of Fortune 500 companies

Zoho Connect (Pleasanton, 2005):

– chat and messaging, activity stream, notification, user profile, company directory, search, online storage, like and follow, poll, pages, blogs, forums, wikis, groups, company wall, recommendation, document management, project collaboration etc

– Windows, Android, iOS, web

– freemium (free; 2); English

Zyncro (Barcelona, 2009):

– messaging, microblogging, activity stream, user profile, people directory, groups, events, search, document management, task management, knowledge management, project management, external networks, CRM, online storage, app marketplace etc

– sync: SharePoint, SAP, Google Analytics, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, RSS, Youtube, Evernote, SurveyMonkey etc

– Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, RIM, web

– freemium (zero; others); 7 languages

– series A $1.7m (2011); series B $2.1m (2012)


Asia’s ESN (not including China):

ChatWork (Sunnyvale (launched in Japan), 2012):

– text, video chat, group chat, voice call, task management, file sharing, contact management, notifications, user profile, user management etc

– sign in: Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, email

– sync: Youtube, Vimeo, Slideshare, Prezi,, Speaker Deck etc

– Android, iOS, web

– freemium (zero; 4; 20) 

– 46k+ companies in Japan; 5k+ companies outside Japan; 200k users in 170 countries

eko (Bangkok & New York, 2012):

– messaging, discussions, threaded conversations, task management, groups, contacts, photos storage, issue tracker, online storage, 100+ stickers etc

– Window, Android, iOS

– freemium; English

– seed $1m (2014)

Offiria (Selangor, 2011):

– messaging, blogging, discussion tagging, likes and comments, notification, activity stream, search, wikis, groups, file management, multimedia sharing, employee profile, employee directory, task management, event management, calendar, knowledge sharing, issue tracker etc

– iOS

– freemium; English

Oogwave (New Delhi, 2012):

– chat and messaging, threaded discussion, user profile, member directory, file sharing, file storage, task management, groups, notes, discussions, tags, project management, external networks, analytics etc

– Android, iOS, web

– freemium (0; 29; 99; 199; 299); 11 languages

Pie (Singapore, 2013):

– chat, links, files, questions, images, external networks, email digest, tags etc

– Mac, iOS, Chrome

– seed $800k (2014)

Qortex (Tokyo, 2005):

– chat and messaging, notification, discussions, translation, file sharing, project management, calendar, reminder, task management, wikis, groups etc

– Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, web

– freemium (free; 10); English, Chinese (traditional), Chinese (simplified)

– created by The Plant

team+ (Taipei):

– chat and messaging, notification, directory, calendar, company directory, multimedia sharing, groups, extension direct dial etc

– Windows, Android, iOS, Windows Phone

– Chinese (traditional)

Typetalk (Fukuoka, 2014):

– messaging, topics, discussions, files, emoticons, tags, likes, archived conversations etc

– Android, iOS, web

– English, Japanese

– created by nulab

Undiscuss (Subang Jaya, 2013):

– messaging, activity streatm, search, document management, file sharing, project management, calendar, analytics, external networks, people directory etc

– iOS

– subscription; English, German, Spanish, Bahasa Malaysia


China’s ESN: (2012):

– chat and messaging, company updates, discussions, polls, directory, multimedia sharing, organizational chart etc

– app

– free

– 100k+ enterprises (2011):

– chat and messaging, notification, discussions, document management, task management, time management, team management, directory, analytics etc

– desktop, Android, iOS, Windows Phone

– freemium (free, RMB15) (2012):

– chat and messaging, discussion, file sharing, search, directory, groups, polls, open API, knowledge management, task management, knowledge management, app marketplace, external networks, unlimited storage, meeting room booking etc

– desktop, Android, iOS

– freemium (2012):

– chat, microblogging, company updates, team collaboration, user profile, groups, tags, document sharing, search, task management, discussions, polls, external networks, leave application, dashboards etc

– Android, iOS

– free


If I have done the injustice of not including your own ESN product or any ESN product you are using on the list, or perhaps I have included any that should not be on the list here, please drop me a line and I will remedy the wrong ASAP.

[Updated 2014/8/30]


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