Watchube, Watch Videos Based On Feelings

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2014/07/04 by lingdecklee

[The following post appeared first on TechView Asia.]

How do you watch your videos? Do you watch everything that Youtube recommends to you or those Facebook video shares that happen to be showing up on your timeline? Different videos make you feel differently, and most of the time, people have been watching videos without being able to base their selection on how the videos can make them feel at the end of watching it. Watchube is here to change that.


When it comes to watching videos, feelings matter says Daniel Zhang, the co-founder and CEO of Watchube. When watched selectively, the videos can have a powerful impact on one’s mood, even more so than words. One could be sad and needs to feel comforted; another could be demoralized and needs to feel uplifted. When viewers are given the ability to select a video (or a series of videos) that is of a desired genre, knowing what feeling they will end up getting at the end of watching it, they are certainly more inclined to make such selection (of course, excluding those viewers who are the ‘surprise me’ type).

We live in a complex society that is frequented by hardships, misfortune, and negativity.  Maintaining a balanced mood on a daily basis can be a daunting task. Every now and then, people need to feel happy, relaxed, or motivated. If watching the right video will do the trick, then quenching such need should not entail searching through the vast ocean of videos for the right one. Capitalizing on the fact that people are now equipped with smartphones and mobile internet, Watchube has made this ‘on demand’ service available at the palm of people’s hands.

Feeling Review

Instead of curating the videos itself, Watchube applies the crowdsourcing method to make the video content diverse, objective, and more relevant to the viewers. Basically, Watchube lets users rate the videos they watched based on their feelings by asking them how the video made them feel.  There are a number of ‘feeling icons’ to choose from and making a selection or two from the list of 12 icons is as simple as clicking on the “Like” button on Facebook without actually needing to type a comment on the video. This essentially puts every user in the curator seat.

Watchube has several features that might be of interest to its users. Firstly, it allows users to try it out by logging in anonymously, instead of registering a user account. All the videos the user rated are stored and feeling-categorized in the user’s Video Library for easy access, even those shared and liked on Facebook.  To make things more interesting to the user, Watchube has also added a social element, by sharing with the user’s friends those videos the user has rated. Apparently, Watchube does not want to just build a product, it wants to build a community too.


Watchube is now available on Android and will be on iOS in late July this year. They intend to venture into various countries and reach one million downloads towards the end of this year.

Time to stop browsing through Youtube and Facebook in search for the ‘hidden jewels’ you may or may not like. On Watchube, you can easily find video that can change how you feel instantly. Next time when you wish to control what videos to watch, try it.


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