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2014/06/06 by lingdecklee

[The following post appeared first on TechView Asia.]

Having trouble writing a good document in the English language? Need an editor to help polish your English writing but couldn’t find one at short notice? Fear no more! BizEditors is here to the rescue!


BizEditors provides fast and affordable English editing, proofreading and translation solutions to corporations, SMEs, and SOHOs who have a regular need for editing of English documents and translation to different languages. It offers English editing solutions for very diverse industries and its editors have the necessary education and industry expertise to provide results that count. It aims to achieve utmost client satisfaction through easiest user experience, affordable pricing, quick turnover time, great results, and friction-less communication processes.

On the official website of BizEditors, customers have 4 pricing plans to choose from: US$29, US$149, US$299, and US$999.  What the customers buy are credits, which will be deducted depending on words to be edited/proofread/translated. Those who registered online for the first time get to enjoy a free quota of 200 words. All uploaded documents will get a response within 24 hours. The website will also record all communications between editor and customer as well as all edited versions. The editors usually can process up to 20,000 words within 48 hours. If the customers wish to expedite the process, a 20% extra fee will be charged.

The way BizEditors has maintained the quality of the 200+ professional editors on its platform is through a rating system which allows the customers to rate their editor after each case is completed. On top of this, the platform has insisted on using only top-caliber graduates from the the Ivy League schools or its equivalents, each of which must pass the stringent test before becoming qualified as an editor on the platform. If that is not enough quality assurance, BizEditors even has a money-back guarantee which applies in cases of non-delivery (48 hours after due date) and credit card fraud, just for that extra peace of mind.

For those who are interested, BizEditors currently provides English editing solutions for the following types of written materials: research paper, technical documentation, handbook and user manual, marketing material, website content, financial document, business report, legal document etc. It also provides proofreading services for business-related documents such as forms, letters, presentations, emails, speeches, client reports, etc.

BizEditors is one of the two latest online products being added under the wings of WritePath,  a leading web-based provider of editing, translating, and writing solutions in Asia. Before WritePath and BizEditors, founder Charles Chin first established TopAdmit 4 years ago, the worldwide leading provider of college application essay editing solutions. Over the years, TopAdmit has accrued attention from tech news media and investors and it grew and eventually restructured itself to become WritePath, the overarching umbrella entity for TopAdmit, TopSCIedit, and BizEditors.


WritePath’s team photo from left to right: Ineya (VP of Operations), Pin (BD Specialist), Charles (Founder/CEO), Jasper (Account Manager), Nicole (BD Manager), Elise (Korea Market BD Manager), Sae (Japan Market BD Manager (from Japan)), Stefan (CTO), Jo (VP of Sales & BD), Leo (Engineer), Chantelle (Financial Manager); front in pink dress: Ling (Account Manager)

WritePath has won numerous awards and currently has business operations reaching clients in over 22 countries worldwide. It now has offices catering to the needs of Beijing, Shanghai, and Southeast Asian markets, and hopefully, will be reaching your country shortly. So stay tuned for more news from this exciting startup!

[Update] Congratulation to WritePath, which  has just received US$525,000 of venture funding from a range of investors!


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