Bounty Hunter, Your Creative Competition Marketplace

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2014/04/20 by lingdecklee

[The following post appeared first on TechView Asia.]

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Introducing a Taiwan startup that recently graduated from 500 StartupsBounty Hunter, a five-year-old leading competition platform that prides itself for disrupting the way everyday creative talents are connected to big brand experiences.
I met the two co-founders a few times, Hana Chang (CEO) and Roxman Yang (COO, second from left) and got to know about their startup story. Hana was a song writer (still is!), and was troubled by the lack of easy access to the information of the available singing contests. With the encouragement of her then colleague, Roxman, they decided to do something about it together, and Bounty Hunter was the outcome.
Bounty Hunter is a platform that helps lesser known creative talents, whom it calls “Hunters”, find challenges for their expertise or craft. It features creative competitions such as art, design, photo, video, music or writing contests. It has a strong presence among schools where teachers would use its platform to help students find challenges. Of course, a platform like this attracts more than just creative students seeking monetary or non-monetary rewards. As of now, Bounty Hunter has more than 170,000 creative professionals, many of whom are using it as a mean for boosting their portfolio through competitions.
Contest Wall
However, it would not be entirely fair to categorize Bounty Hunter as merely a convenient portal for finding creative competitions since the flip side of it sees it serving businesses with a solution to crowdsource creative ideas or art for any of their needs. In fact, Bounty Hunter prides itself as a great alternative channel for engagement between brands and talents through certain highly customizable features it affords. It charges by competition, but is hoping to move to subscription basis in the future. Prior to receiving venture funding from 500 Startups, it is already profitable through serving more than 1,000 customers, including big brands such as Google, Adobe, Microsoft, Adobe, and Blizzard.
One thing that makes Bounty Hunter unique is that it is one of a few internet startups in Taiwan that has a female CEO who is actually skilled in web development. Hana was 17 when she built her first website, and began making money from doing so when she was still an undergrad. She created the site for Bounty Hunter. However, she knew nothing much about startups until she and her team joined AppWorks Ventures, Taiwan’s leading accelerator, back in 2011. In 2013, Hana decided to take on the international market by taking Bounty Hunter to 500 Startups as one of a handful startups from Taiwan that did so. And judging by the speed that it is going right now, most of us have no doubt it is only a matter of time before Bounty Hunter dominates the Asian scene, to begin with.

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