Have Zero Marketing Budget For Your Startup? Fear Not!

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2014/04/02 by lingdecklee


Try the few tips listed in this article: Startup Marketing On A $0 Budget

1. Quora is your friend

2. Blog like a crazy madman

3. Set up Google Alerts to scan for new blog posts that you can leave comments on

4. Write a guest blog or two

5. Participate in forums and try to corner influencers

6. Google+ Communities are not as bad as they seem

7. Build a free tool that doesn’t exist and solves a simple problem

8. Offer discounts on sites like F6S

9. Run an offer on AppSumo

10. Monitor competitor mentions on Twitter

11. Ask popular blogs in your industry for a product review

12. Mine HARO for press opportunities

13. Get $100 in free Google Adwords credit and bid on your competitors’ names

14. Write guides about your bigger, well-funded competitors


[Startup Event] If you are in Taiwan, join me at the next EST event, Cofounders Night (link to the Facebook event), on April 10th (Thursday, 7pm), co-hosted by Entrepreneurs Society of Taiwan (EST). EST is a premier startup group which hosts monthly startup events for the English speaking segment of the entrepreneurial community in Taiwan. You can join its Facebook group or Facebook fan page for future event updates.


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