Stampa! The Loyalty Card Made So Much Easier

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2014/03/22 by lingdecklee


[The following post appeared first on TechView Asia.]

Do you keep forgetting to bring your loyalty card with you and you end up being given yet another new loyalty card? Or you simply could not remember where you put it the last time you used it? And is your wallet swelling up due to the different loyalty cards that you stuff in it?

Stampa! is a digital loyalty card unlike other alternatives you can find out there. It not only gets rid of the need to carry the card itself, it also gets rid of the need for customers to use their smartphone to download an app. In fact, they don’t even need to bring their smartphone with them. All they need is either their mobile phone number or their smart card (a card that utilizes RFID or NFC technology).

This is how it works. You walk into a Stampa! friendly store – a store equipped with a tablet pre-loaded with the Stampa! app. You then present your mobile phone number to the store person to be keyed-in to the tablet or you simply hold your smart card close to the tablet. Either way, your digital loyalty card will be brought onto the tablet screen. The store person then simply stamp (literally) a digital stamp on the screen. In other words, your loyalty card is your mobile phone number or your smart card.

It is made possible that even when you forget about bringing your smartphone or even your smart card with you to the store, you still need not worry about missing out on special promotions/offers reserved only for loyal customers. This in turn should increase your willingness to visit the same store again.

One neat feature about Stampa! is that it does not need to be connected to the internet to function. The other neat feature is that it produces customer analysis report for the store operator so that the latter can monitor the cost and effectiveness of each promotional activity.

It takes virtually no time to learn to use Stampa!, whether the learner is the store person or the customer. The 26-year-old electronic-engineering-graduate founder, Shock Cheng, said that his product philosophy behind Stampa! is simple: easy to use. Stampa! has so far proven itself to be so.

The 10-person Taiwan startup behind Stampa! has recently received some funding and is ready to make a mark in Taiwan and in the future, Southeast Asia.


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