Investors Will Look At these Metrics Of Your Startups

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2014/03/08 by lingdecklee


According to The Complete Quantitative Guide To Judging Your Startup, any early-stage investor seriously interested in investing in your startup will want to assess their risk by looking at the following different metrics of your startup:


– Monthly revenue growth

– Revenue run rate

– Margins

– Burn rate and runway


– K-value (measuring your virality)

– Proportion of mobile traffic (if you have a mobile strategy)

– Cohort analysis and churn

User acquisition and marketing:

– Cost of acquiring a customer and payback

– Net promoter score


– Magic number

– Basket size and order velocity

– Average sales cycle

– Long term value


– Total addressable market

– Average wallet size

You can also compare above to another set of metrics covered in another article I shared.

The important point here is: get quantitative, but don’t get too attached to the numbers. An impressive set of metrics does not equate to success, neither does a lousy set of metrics equate to failure. The statistics are merely there to help people make informed decisions. Gut feelings do not always work better when it comes to startup.


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