To Be Experienced Or Not To Be Experienced?

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2014/02/12 by lingdecklee


So you have barely finished high school or college, and already you are eager to start your own startup. Better or worse?

Or you have had some impressive track records from working on several mega projects or even startups in the past couple of years, and now you are thinking of working on that new startup idea you have harbored for many months. Better or worse?

So which side are you on? Youth versus experience? Nature versus nurture? Can we be more scientific about this debate? Where are the metrics? You can read the following article and make up your own mind about this issue: Are Experienced Founders Better?

The way I see it, failure is just a part of the startup game, whether one has done it before or not. The most important thing is, everyone has to start somewhere.


[Event] If you are in Taiwan, join me at the next EST Speaker Night (link to the Facebook event) on February 19th (Wednesday 7pm), hosted by Entrepreneurs Society of Taiwan (EST). This time, we will have the General Manager of Uber Taiwan, Likai Gu, as our guest speaker.

EST is a premier startup group which hosts monthly startup events for the English speaking segment of the entrepreneurial community in Taiwan. You can join its Facebook group or Facebook fan page for future event updates.


[Startup] My web startup, BizAbroad Xpress (BX) (Facebook fan page) has just launched its beta not long ago. BX is a self-help service that changes the way people set up their business entities abroad (such as incorporating a company in Taiwan or Malaysia or Samoa). Absolutely no email or telephone call necessary. The first country to open for service will be Taiwan, to be followed by other countries one by one, including those among the tax havens. 

Tell your friends about BX and email me at if you have any question. If you wish to read more about BX, you may also take a look at an interview recently published on a tech media, PunNode


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