General Tips For Successful Startup (2014)

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2014/01/23 by lingdecklee


Tips for successful startup, according to this article: 10 Ways To Win In 2014: An Entrepreneurs’ Guide To A Successful Startup

For your easy reference, here they are:

1. Don’t fear Goliath.

2. Maintain a 95%/5% focus ratio

3. Learn from Breaking Bad

4. 99 problems? Just fix one

5. Clear the clutter

6. Work harder than anyone

7. Simplify it

8. Talk less, listen more

9. Nurture your network: they are an entrepreneurs’ biggest assets

10. Implement digital detox


[Event] If you are in Taiwan and wish to meet other entrepreneurs in the community, join me at Co-founders’ Night (link to the Facebook event), on January 23rd (Thursday 7pm), hosted by Entrepreneurs Society of Taiwan (EST). EST is a premier startup group which hosts monthly startup events for the English speaking segment of the entrepreneurial community in Taiwan. You can join its Facebook group or Facebook fan page for future event updates.

[Startup] My web startup, BizAbroad Xpress (Facebook fan page) has just launched its beta not long ago (okay, this one did have some coding done to it, but relatively minimal). It is a self-help service that changes the way people set up their business entities abroad (such as incorporating a company in Taiwan or Samoa). Absolutely no email or telephone call necessary. The first country to open for service will be Taiwan, to be followed by other countries one by one, including those among the tax havens. Tell your friends about this service and email me at if you have any question.


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