[New Startup] The Beta Version Of Our Legal Startup, BizAbroad Xpress, Is Online!


2014/01/14 by lingdecklee

After writing a blog a few days ago titled Where Are The Legal Web Startups In Asia, now it is finally our turn to join the rank!


Here is a brief introduction of our startup:

BizAbroad Xpress (BX) is a self-help service that changes the way people set up their business entities abroad (such as incorporating a company in Taiwan or Samoa). The information you find here are available free-of-charge and our pre-screened business service providers (law firms and/or accounting firms) will make sure your requested work is well taken care of. Absolutely no email or telephone call necessary. Same professional quality, but less time and costs.

The team behind BX has a combined 20 years of experience dealing with law firms and accounting firms worldwide. We only work with experienced and realiable law/accounting firms that provide high quality services at competitive pricing. You can trust us to do the job well because your satisfaction is our number one priority.

The following is the official announcement regarding the release of the beta version:

We are extremely glad to inform you that our beta version is finally here! Please go to our new site by clicking this link: BizAbroad Xpress.
Currently, our website has just one country open for service: Taiwan. In the next few months, we hope to have more countries/jurisdictions also open for service, such as Malaysia, Australia, Hong Kong and Thailand. We also hope to include some countries/jurisdictions in the tax haven category among our list, such as British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands and Samoa.
If you are a decent-size professional service provider (such as law firm or accounting firm) and you are interested in joining us representing your country/jurisdiction as its exclusive service provider, we would like to hear from you. Please email us: info@bizabroadxpress.com.
You may also join our Facebook fan page for more interesting and relevant updates.
If you have any question or comment, please email us: info@bizabroadxpress.com.
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2 thoughts on “[New Startup] The Beta Version Of Our Legal Startup, BizAbroad Xpress, Is Online!

  1. Hassan Syed says:

    Can I suggest you to post this on Forumosa.com. I know of many foreigners in Taiwan that would love/need this type of service. All the very best to you.

    PS: Are you hiring?

    • lingdecklee says:

      Dear Hassan,

      That would be awesome! I have heard of Forumosa since 3 years ago, just never got a chance to really use it. Let me try to get in touch with the website moderator. Thank you for the suggestion!

      PS: We will be hiring once we have received sufficient funding, but mostly web engineers. :)

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