You Need A Blog For Your Startup, Seriously


2013/12/31 by lingdecklee

Well, the point is, you need a ‘voice’ for your startup. If you can’t handle a blog, then at least start a fan page for your startup. The important thing is to write something and get connected to, well, everybody. You will be surprised who actually read the blog. If the blog can bring business partners and investors to your startup, sweet! If the blog can result in your startup completing more transactions, even better! The blog is what gives your startup its personality and even soul. Plus communication is dead important. I emphasize, communication IS IMPORTANT!

However, creating and maintaining a decent and effective blog for your startup can be both art and science. Not to mention there are a lot of ‘noises’ out there obscuring and obstructing your messages from getting completely through to the target audience. Well, if that is the case, try some of the tips from the following article:

How To Create A Great Startup Blog And Stand Out From the Competition 

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2 thoughts on “You Need A Blog For Your Startup, Seriously

  1. Fantastic service Jeffrey. Let me know if I can help. David GuruConnector Hall

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