[Interview] Yu-Kuan Lin, Cofounder of Noodle Labs, Inc.

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2013/12/18 by lingdecklee

[The following is an interview done on Yu-Kuan Lin, Cofounder of Noodle Labs, Inc. (their Y-Combinator project, Everyday.me), with authorization for publishing on the personal blog of Start Jeffrey Up, the FB group of Entrepreneurs Society of Taiwan (EST) and the FB fan page of Plus8.]
About Noodle Labs, Inc:
  1. When was your startup established? June 2012.
  2. How many people on the team right now? 3 people.
  3. What is your business model? Well, it’s something we’re still exploring. But we’d like to build a mix of SaaS subscription and traditional sales (in-app or direct).
  4. Who are your main target audience? College students to young adults.
  5. What value does your startup bring or what problem does your startup solve? We help people archive their lives in a safe private place and share it with loved ones. Like an automatic digital diary.
About Yu-Kuan Lin:
(Yu-Kuan Lin and Yu-Te Lin, cofounders of Noodle Labs, Inc.)

  1. Why do your decide to do your own startup? Many reasons, but mostly because I enjoy building products, and really enjoy doing so from a small team. That really excites me.
  2. Who inspires you the most on your startup journey? Why? I know it sounds cliche, but really every entrepreneur I meet. Once I started to realize how difficult it is, I really feel like I have something to learn from everyone, and I can truly appreciate everyone’s struggle.
  3. What is the most enjoyable part of your startup journey so far? Why? When I hear from a customer that he/she really enjoys our product or loved a particular feature. That makes me feel super fulfilled, that “Hey, something I built made someone’s day. Awesome!”
  4. What is the most challenging part of your startup journey so far? Why? Man, so many things. Hiring is probably one of the toughest I think, since you have to convince people to leave a secure job to join a very risky one.
  5. How do you see the future of Taiwan for entrepreneurs who are thinking of starting their own startup here? I think it’s looking to be better and better. There are some great teams and products in Taiwan, and of course we’re starting to see exciting exits like Gogolook‘s recent acquisition, so I’d say the future is looking very bright.
  6. How can startups in Taiwan work with startups in the US to develop markets on both sides? I think attending events or reaching out to people directly is a good way. Most US startup people I know are pretty active on Twitter or blogs, and they’re usually pretty open to discussions, so I think you can certainly get the conversation started at least.
[Yu-Kuan Lin will be one of the speakers at the upcoming EST event on December 20th: EST Speaker Night: The American Startup Experience (co-hosted with: E+). Join us and listen to his startup stories!]

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