If You Don’t Code, Then You Better Find A Good Developer Who Does

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2013/12/11 by lingdecklee

The “internet of things” is here to stay, folks! Our lives can no longer be without the internet. Businesses will be affected for sure in how they deliver their products and services. If everything has to have something to do with the internet, then not being able to master it will render our businesses on a path to become obsolete. So, if you don’t code, then you better find someone else who does, and fast! Nowadays, the best talents are mostly working for the tech giants who can pay them way better than the rest of us can, leaving the rest of us vying for the second best. Frankly, there just isn’t enough good developers for everybody. So, here is an article to help those of us fine tune our skills to attract a good developer:

How To Recruit A Good Developer When You Don’t Code


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