Let’s Face It, Startups. You Do Need A Lawyer.

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2013/12/08 by lingdecklee

Unless you are an experienced lawyer, the reality is, you will make legal mistakes, and some of them can get pretty messy, nasty and expensive. So how do you avoid them? Here is a quick article to help you get started:

Avoiding The 5 Most Expensive Legal Mistakes Made By Entrepreneurs

But lawyers are expensive, you will cry out. True, can’t argue with that. However, there are ways to make your legal fees cheaper. Here is another quick article to help you out:

3 Simple Ways To Save Money On Startup Legal Fees

In the end, it is a balance between time, quality and cost. You really can’t have them all (unless you are a lawyer like me). Besides, it is better to have a lawyer around then not having one at all.


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