[Interview] Amy Lin, Cofounder of Nuusound.com

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2013/11/27 by lingdecklee

[The following is an interview done on Amy Lin, cofounder of Nuusound.com, with authorization for publishing on the personal blog of Start Jeffrey Up and the FB pages of Entrepreneurs Society of Taiwan (EST) and Plus8.]
About Nuusound:
Nuusound Logo
  1. When was your startup established? December 2011.
  2. How many people on the team right now? 3 people plus 1 intern.
  3. What is your business model? Pay per use digital music distribution and digital music marketing consultant service.
  4. Who are your main target audience? Global, musician/record label that wants to sell their music in greater China market or outside of greater China market.
  5. What value does your startup bring or what problem does your startup solve? Value: An alternative choice for musician who wishes to sell their music on their own without signing away their right permanently. Problem solved: No need to look for digital music provider one by one. We are the one-stop shop digital music distribution solution for musicians and labels.

About Amy:

Amy Lin
  1. Why do your decide to do your own startup? While I was working for a record label, I noticed a few good opportunities got overlooked because no one record label can do everything, and also because some of the issues were not the priority of the industry. I had independent musicians coming to me asking to help distribute their records – from greater China region to abroad, or vice versa. So I decided to do something to give these musicians a chance to be heard in a new geographical region, without the need to go there physically to promote it.
  2. Who inspires you the most on your startup journey? Why? My parents are super supportive of my venture. They said try it if that’s what you love to do. Then there is Kevin Arnold, founder of IODA, the then largest independent label online aggregator (later got acquired by Sony Music Entertainment). He inspired me to look into the practical side of music business industry. Then there is my team that always keeps me grounded and makes sure the plan gets followed through. I would not know what to do without them. Then there are the musicians also inspired me how they make music and how their music receives monetary return. Oh, there is also Eric De Fontenay of Music Dish who is passionate about promoting Chinese independent music to the Western world. He provided a lot of ideas and encouragement, and we ended up working in partnership right now.
  3. What is the most enjoyable part of your startup journey so far? Why? To see musicians making money when none of them thought they had the chance of doing so. One US lady bought a track from a Taiwan artist and was delighted that her son stopped crying when listening to the track. The other thing I enjoy is meeting a lot of entrepreneurs in Taiwan, people who want to make a difference. Prior to doing my startup, I didn’t know there were so many people in Taiwan who wish to make a difference. I also enjoy meeting people who are into music technology which otherwise would be quite impossible to find in Taiwan.
  4. What is the most challenging part of your startup journey so far? Why? Educating people that our service is pay-per-use. This concept is foreign to local musicians and record labels while there was no such problem to foreign musicians.
  5. What are some of the advice that you, as a woman entrepreneur, would like to give to women that would like to start their own business? There are bound to be some social expectations on them – looking after the family, get a steady job etc. Taiwan society allows men to be more aggressive (ie. okay for them to make mistakes and start over again), and it is less acceptable for women to be a serial entrepreneur. I encourage woman entrepreneurs to be more ambitious. Don’t just think Taiwan market, but take the world as your market. Be fearless, take the first step, then the rest will be easy. The last two sentences are not just for women, but also for men. 
[Amy will be one of the three female speakers at the upcoming EST event: EST Speaker Night: Woman Entrepreneurs. Join us and listen to her startup stories!]

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