Have You Started Something?

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2013/10/19 by lingdecklee

A lot of people said they want to do their own startup. If this is you, then ask yourself this question: Have I started (or was I a leader in) anything in the past that involves other people? It can be anything: start a FB group, start a group-buy, start a fundraiser, start a sports team, start a school club, …. the list can be endless. Your past can tell a lot about your success rate of starting a startup. If you have done absolutely nothing alike in the past, then time to start one, something of a smaller scale than a startup.

For example, you can start with the simplest thing of starting your own blog, which is mostly free by the way. Try write something on a weekly basis, if not daily basis. Write about your passion and ideas. Write about your startup. Write about absolutely anything that you are good at and not good at. If you start to get some followers, write till you get 100 of them. Then write even more to get the next 100 till you eventually reach 1,000 or something. Then perhaps you will spontaneously figure out a way to start your startup, and by then you will have 1,000 followers as your potential customers. Ain’t that cool or what!! But don’t let this stop you. Keep starting something new every now and then. This is how an entrepreneur earns his/her credential, by being a starter. If you are not a starter, it is best you stay away from the startup world. Period.

The article that inspires the above:

Want To Work For A Startup? Start Something First


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