Internet Startup Is A Scientific Experiment – Measure And Master


2013/09/14 by lingdecklee

Metrics, metrics, metrics! There is no difference between doing an internet startup and doing a scientific experiment – it all comes down to what data you can get out of it to justify the intended purposes. It also means internet startup is not guesswork, not about luck (but luck does have something to do with it), not about how good the idea is, not about how much money you have to burn, and surely not about how experienced or capable you are.

Something you cannot measure is something you cannot master. So the more you measure, the more you master. Simple math, get it?

Now then, what should you measure? How about start with the 9 metrics outlined in the following article? [Note: some of the metrics are still useful even if you are not an ecommerce company]

  1. user acquisition costs
  2. abandoned carts
  3. google analytics experiments
  4. visitor value
  5. lifetime value
  6. traffic
  7. lead source ROI
  8. purchase funnel
  9. percentage of mobile visits

9 Data Sets Every Ecommerce Company Should Measure


One thought on “Internet Startup Is A Scientific Experiment – Measure And Master

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