Startup Networking Events: To Go Or Not To Go?

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2013/08/27 by lingdecklee

There are those who go to too many and there are those who go to none. Is there a benchmark for something like this?

The way I see it, if all the people (such as cofounders, customers, suppliers, investors, employees, press media) you want to see would come to you without you even trying, then congratulation, you no longer need to go to any such networking events, ever! However, if you start to have the slightest sense that you need help from someone, then that’s a cue that you need to go to at least some of them.

And no, an email or a virtual meeting won’t be good enough unless you can see your reflection in people’s eyes and shake their hands.

In the end, you have to realize, you create your own future and fortune. How much you reap depends on how much you labored. Period.

This is the article that started the above:

Startup Networking Events: Are They Important?


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