Try The Lean Startup Model, Whether Your Business Is Big or Small

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2013/05/30 by lingdecklee

This world is full of disruption now. Startups, small businesses, corporations, and even government are feeling the pressure of rapid changes. Gone were the days when the world will stop and wait for you to devise a business plan and then execute it (well, to some extent). Everyone is now on the same boat: the need to innovate rapidly and continuously to accommodate the changing world. To do this well, one does not need the tools for execution (top business schools have given us a lot of these already), but the tools for search. And the lean startup method is probably one of the best tools for search, so far.

Read this article for more details:

Steve Blank’s Lean Startup Model: Not Just For Startups Any More

[Writer’s Note: It was precisely because of this Lean Startup model that I became convinced that even I, someone with no technical background, can start an internet startup, which I did. Those tools and techniques I have learned from my MBA classes in the past 3 years, unfortunately, did not do anything whatsoever to help me start my startup. Just so you know.]



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