Need Not Look Too Far For Awesome Business Ideas

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2013/05/30 by lingdecklee

People, how do you derive your next big business ideas? Lock yourself in a room for 3, 5, 7 days? Brainstorm with the brightest people in your class or at your workplace? Or go work for the smartest people or the hottest companies in the hope that you will eventually get enlightened?

No need to look too far, people. The next big things are usually right in front of you. You probably have a lot of experience with it, deal with it on a regular basis, but something simply does not click, either because you lazy brain automatically categorizes it as MUNDANE and therefore not warrant the time to think more about it, or you are receiving too much stimulus from outside your body to drown out most of your own feelings and senses.

Well, get this: MUNDANE is the new SEXY now! Start listening to your own feelings and senses and find out what they are trying to tell you. Focus on things in life that “may not fit the typical notion of a tech startup”. Start talking to “companies, ideas and founders that have intimate knowledge of how to disrupt an industry that others may ignore”.

Read about three companies that specialize in the ‘mundane’ things in life:

Forget Sexy, Startups Today Look to Disrupt The Mundane


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