Execution. Execution. Execution.

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2013/04/06 by lingdecklee

This should not be something difficult to understand. Yet most entrepreneurs failed because this is the exact thing that got neglected. Investors want a piece of you not because of your superb idea or your great business model or even how much money you have already pulled in; rather, it is your ability to execute.

Who survive the longest in fierce competition? Those startups that can consistently execute, and execute fast. Clones are everywhere, and there are even VCs that helps clone the proven business models from one country to another. How can these clones beat even the first-mover? Through better execution. So, don’t naively think, since you are the first-mover, you will have competitive advantage. Beware of the aforementioned VCs that will one day parachute into your territory and force you out of your own game. Not because they have more money, but because they can execute better than you.

It is true: your biggest nemesis is your self!

Read this article:

Execution, Not New Ideas, Give Startups Edge


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