Starting A Business Is Expensive? Try Internet Startup Then!

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2013/03/15 by lingdecklee

In the old days, people can be separated into two classes: those with resources and are therefore entitled to employ others to work for them, and those with no resources and therefore have no choice but to work for others to earn a living. The former have no problem starting multiple businesses and even create a business empire while the latter are grasping with simpler matters in life such as how to live and retire with dignity. it is unthinkable to ask people in the old days who are without any real resources to embark on a new business venture without some external assistance.

Well, boys and girls, welcome to the internet age where the playing field is now leveled! Really! A conglomerate now can began right at our very own fingertips. Why go into a business that requires you to mortgage away your house (or your parents’ house) when you can simply start your own web empire with some lunch money (okay, it is actually a few days’ lunch money, but you get the idea)?!

Still not sure how to do it? Read the example below:

The Complete Guide To Bootstrapping A Web Startup On a Tight Budget?


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