What’s Wrong With Being A Copycat?

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2013/03/07 by lingdecklee

Nothing! That is, only if you can do it better and actually create more values for the users! But if you are just copying for the sake of copying (and not for better reasons, say, learning from the experience to create something different) and therefore brings no real benefit to the world, then I say stop wasting your time.

To the real entrepreneurs out there, do you need to worry about these copycats/wannabes/clones? Or should you actually be worried about why your startups are not complex enough for others to copy? If a 7-year old (this is the age of the youngest coder I could remember) can write an app to match or even beat yours, you might as well stop doing whatever you are doing (and do something else instead). The other way of understanding this is: something that can be easily copied by hundreds of others means it is time to get out of this rat race.

Find something that is difficult to copy to do, such as build a startup that relies on an intertwined network to make it work, or a startup that relies heavily on decades of expert knowledge (this is the reason why startups should really start looking for older people to join them and not always fresh grads, I say). Just keep building, don’t stop.

Here are some interesting readings for the proud copycats out there:

Startups: If You’re Going To Copy, You Have To Do It Better Than This

This Is Why Copying Is Everywhere in Asia

Then again, if you are doing something purely because you are genuinely good at it and it makes you happier, then I say there is nothing wrong being not-so-unique. Here is an article that explains it better:

You Don’t Have To Be Different


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