Minimum Viable Product: Done! But What About Minimum Sustainable Company?

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2013/02/16 by lingdecklee

Building a minimum viable product keeps the entrepreneurs focused on finding the product/market fit. But if the entrepreneurs think they can just focus on building great products and ignore everything else about running the company, then they will just be wasting everyone’s time. This is because success is only sustainable if the great products are backed by, well, a sustainable company.

In light of the above, I firmly believe it is important that all entrepreneurs learn and aspire to be great managers (in addition to great leaders). If you are not good at it, at least find someone who is/are. In fact, any entrepreneur that does not treat their talents as assets, you can already bet that their startups will not go very far.

But let’s come back to the topic of building a minimum sustainable company. Regarding this critical matter, the writer of the following article has provided some simple questions to ask ourselves: Can I build something that can start making money immediately? Can I sell before I build? Can I generate income or get funded to support my endeavor for longer?

Think Beyond Minimum Viable Product, Think Minimum Sustainable Company

Do everything you can to increase the odds of your success, both for the products and the company.


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