Want To Be Successful By Being Unique? Think Again!

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2013/01/28 by lingdecklee

There are many elements that make up a successful startup, and ‘uniqueness’ is not one of them. It is a nice-to-have characteristic, just like a car with the most airbags or a jacket with the lightest weight; but ‘uniqueness’ is most likely not the reason why the customers pay you for in most cases. If whatever feature that gives your product the ‘uniqueness’ characteristic is not the feature that the customers need or want, then there is no point in paying too much attention to establishing such ‘uniqueness’.

There is nothing new under the sun, eventually. Even if you do have ‘uniqueness’ to begin with, it is only a matter of time before someone catches up. What makes a successful startup successful and continues to be so in a sustainable manner certainly has nothing to do with ‘uniqueness’.

Let me tell you a secret: You really want to know what makes your startup unique? It is you!

Read this brilliant article:

Being Unique Doesn’t Make You Money


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