Planning For An MBA? Why Not Try Startup?

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2013/01/24 by lingdecklee

No one ever discussed with me about startup, so I did not know better. Although I am doing an MBA now, it is precisely because of an MBA course that got me passionate about this startup topic; for this reason, my MBA was actually useful to me, but merely to the extent of getting me onto the ‘right’ track. If I have known better, I would have skipped my MBA and gone for the startup path right away.

Here is an article that explains why what you wish to accomplish through an MBA can also be accomplished (and way more) if you go for a startup instead:

Three Reasons Why Startups Are The New MBA

So, sit down, relax, and then start writing down all your reasons (or excuses) for wanting an MBA and see if there is anything else out there you can use as the perfect substitute.


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