Is Your Startup Idea Organic or Artificial?

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2013/01/08 by lingdecklee

When it comes to new business ideas, I would generally group them into two types: organic, meaning the ideas came to you because of some experience you are building up inside of you; or artificial, meaning the ideas came to you out of nowhere and without any external stimulus.

The first type of ideas are potential startup ideas since they relate to something real (perhaps it is something you see or a problem you deal with everyday); while the second type of ideas are risky startup ideas since they are mostly the result of random connections of neurons (my best understanding of how our brain works).

Is it easy to come up with new ideas? Very easy, I must testify. Everyday, we experience multiple external stimulus by the seconds (unless we are sleeping or shutting off our senses), so we have already stored up enough ‘elements’ to compose brand new ideas. For example, in the past 6 months, over 50 startup ideas came to me without trying at all (I am currently acting on 1 of them). Imagine how many ideas I can produce if I lock myself behind closed doors for 3 days.

Of course, to ensure the success rate of the startup, the underlying idea better be something organic. Personally, I always think the best startup idea is one that solves a real life problem.

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