Do You Actually Know Who Wants Your Products/Services? Do You Really?

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2013/01/03 by lingdecklee

It really perplexes me that some big brands do not really know what their customers really want (yes, three times of ‘really’ should make my point). But just because they can afford to ignore every tiny little voice does not mean our startup can follow in the same footsteps.

Some entrepreneurs will argue: but I am already up to my neck with coding, finding financier, and other important stuff. Actually, the most important thing to any startup is building an intimate relationship with your customers. And you can always start from those around you: your families, your friends, and even your broader personal network or professional acquaintances. This is why I believe no entrepreneurs should be so busy to the extent that they have no more time for their families and friends. For one reason or another, a healthy personal/social life is important.

But back to my topic. I believe any startup should start by nurturing a small but core group of customers (call it a niche market if you will), instead of aiming for the world. We are not ditching the entire forest for a tree, we are figuring out what a tree is before we can comprehend the forest. Once we have the confidence this small group is happy with our products/services, the rest of the job should be easier (message on the products/services will go viral).

Or would you rather spend mega bucks on a traditional ad campaign first?!


Hey, E-Commerce Entrepreneurs! Aren’t You Forgetting Someone?



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