Are You Standing In Your Startup’s Way Of Finding The Talents Your Startup Need?

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2013/01/03 by lingdecklee

For those startups that are ready to scale up, a burning issue on your mind is: why can’t I find the right people? Still think the best hiring strategy is to put up a job ad and ask for tons of resume?

The following article has a few good points I would like to quote:

“… companies need to return to the ancient way of doing things —  focus on recruiting talented people, and train them to be the skilled employees you wanted all along”

“… business leaders are still complaining about the shortage of qualified candidates. These same leaders’ companies offer job descriptions with an impossible number of requirements, and then use software to filter through thousands of applications. The talent search is doomed from the start …”

“Put more emphasis on a candidate’s core abilities to learn and adapt rather than being overly precise on a given skill set. If you focus on foundational competencies and professional athleticism, you’ll be able to look at a broader pool of qualified candidates and maybe even find the talent that your competitors might have overlooked.”


3 Things You Must Do To Recruit Top Tech Talent


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