Making Sure Your Startup Survives Is Not Easy, Or Is It?

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2012/12/22 by lingdecklee

In the following article, the writer gave 4 tips:

1. The pieces will make the whole successful. (you are building a system; if it is a system, no piece is too small to be ignored)

2. Make sure your company name represents your business. (this is a no-brainer, but many entrepreneurs acted as if this is not important; with a good name, your marketing effort will be partially done)

3. From your first customer onwards, commit to doing good business. (customer, customer, customer! period!)

4. Walk into every investor meeting with your eyes open and ready for curveballs. (wasting their time is the same as wasting your time, but you will lose more time than them, figure it out why)


4 Survival Tips Every Early-Stage Startup Needs to Know


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