No, Your Products Will Not Sell Themselves!

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2012/12/12 by lingdecklee

Yes, you heard it right, your products will not sell themselves. Don’t expect your FB messages will go viral and customers will start flocking in and you will become an instant millionaire overnight. If you think everybody is online nowadays, well, think again. Believe me, I have tried it, and I know it does not work like that.

You have done product development, built a team, received funding, now the next thing to do is go market your product. And if you have a little cash, see if you can squeeze out some of your budget on advertising. No, not the ‘blanket the floor’ advertising campaign, but advertising with rocket science accuracy. Identify your target market, and behave like a market-oriented entrepreneur, not tech-oriented. And instead of pushing your products to the market, try to pull the market to your product. A well-executed advertising campaign will do exactly the latter. And not just one-off advertising campaign, but continuous and paced advertising campaign, both online and offline.

Advertising is both science and art. For a good read on someone who has done it before:

3 Key Online Marketing Tips for Startups


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