Is Your Startup Growing Organically? Meaning Sustainable?

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2012/12/12 by lingdecklee

Entrepreneurs should not hope to change the world while try to sell their startups for a quick buck at the same time. Changing the world should start from our own organization. If we are unable to even use our own startup for the betterment of its stakeholders (staff, customers, investors etc), then the world will have a serious doubt over our ability to change it.

My second employer said something very meaningful to me once: “If you have become really good at something, the money will come naturally.” Okay, I have forgotten the exact words used, but at least I remember the essence. The truth is, real professionals never have to worry about the next paychecks. And yes, entrepreneur is a profession, or at least we should start to think like this from this day onward. So if healthy and sustainable income is what we are after, the best way is to become really good at what we do.

Okay, if you are not unloading your own startup purely for base gains, but for some other reasons such as “Doing the same thing for this long is getting boring, I want to try something new”, all I can say is good luck with that, but you will also run the risk of losing your credibility among investors and talents out there for your inability to finish what you have started; meaning, your lack of execution. Others have done this before and continue to be the crowd’s favorite, you say? Well, look at it this way: what if everyone says and does the same thing?! This is not what entrepreneurship is about.

Aside from our reputation (the startup circle can be very small sometimes), I humbly hope every entrepreneur will also put their mind on the social responsibility thing too. Come on, the employees who joined our startup team must have believed in our dream/promise, or they probably would not have traded in high salary and job security and come working for us. So we need to do the right thing and take care of them to some extent.

Success is not defined by how much money we get from selling our startup (raising funding is a kind of selling the startup, just at a smaller scale), or it should not be. The real challenge is growing it and ensuring that it has a long-term, sustainable and scalable growth.

This is the article that started my blog for today:

Entrepreneur Diaries: Don’t Be Ashamed Of Building A Sustainable Business


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