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2012/11/23 by lingdecklee

This is an awesome article is by Paul Graham, the co-founder of Y Combinator:


How To Get Startup Ideas


I really love how he started at the beginning: “The way to get startup ideas is not to try to think of startup ideas. It’s to look for problem, preferably problems you have yourself.”

This is exactly how I got my startup idea. I was finishing off on a very simple yet very time-consuming task at work, and I said to myself, there must be a quicker/better way, and then my startup idea just hit me there and then. The irony is, my line of work is something I have been doing for nearly 10 years, but I have only started to see something out of it as a feasible startup idea about 6 months ago.

As you can see, just because something is well within your domain, so you think it should be easy to generate startup ideas out of it. Not true, at least not always! If someone who has been in a domain for 10 years could not see it immediately, what can we make of someone who was not from such domain trying to generate a startup idea from it and then selling the idea to those from such domain?! I think this is a flawed mentality among a lot of entrepreneurs out there.

Paul’s article essentially confirmed one of the many things I firmly believed in when it comes to entrepreneurship – the best entrepreneurs are problem-solvers! It is okay the problems are someone else’s, not yours. Whether it is your own problem or someone else’s problem we are trying to solve, we just need to make sure we talk to enough people about it before acting on any startup idea that came along in the process.

So, what problem(s) are you trying to solve with your idea?


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