Start With Traffic Generation, But Get The Target Right

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2012/11/20 by lingdecklee

A friend wanted to start a lifestyle-related app. He mentioned very early on during the discussion that he wants to do a great design so that users will be attracted to using it. Great design … so is this the most important element in terms of attracting visitors, or more importantly, generating revenue?

We can talk about how great designs have helped made a difference to countless others. For startups, however, great design is a luxury. Not a must-have when it comes to traffic generation.

Okay, so you have decided to abandon great design in favor of elements that help drive up the traffic. And you eventually got yourself millions and millions of visitors. Then you discovered these people mostly won’t want to pay a cent …

Not trying to say traffic generation is not important. It is. But it matters why and how you do it. In other words, traffic generation should not be a random thing. The following article talks about traffic generation with a purpose:


5 Tips For Targeting Your Ideal Start-Up Customer


And here are the headings from the above article:

– Be a problem solver

– Get into your customers’ psyche

– Where are your customers

– Do you really know them

– Close in on the deal


Don’t try sell to the world. Sell to those that matter. They are the only ones worth spending time and eventually great designs on. Getting them is getting success!


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