Who Should I Get For My Startup Team

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2012/07/24 by lingdecklee

Family members? Close friends? Former classmates? Former colleagues? How about just some strangers you met at any startup event? Why not?!

Which is more important – getting your startup idea executed or waiting for the best candidates to join your startup squad? Of course, being able to get the best candidates is always nice, but best in terms of what? Best coder? Best marketer? Best fundraiser? Before you get carried away, look at your startup idea again and ask yourself do you really need the best? Or perhaps someone else with decent skills and experience can do the same job equally fine without any noticeable differences?!

It is very important to know where you are at. Besides, the best out there may not be interested in joining your startup anyway (either they can’t see the same future as yours, or you simply can’t afford to keep them on your squad). Even the brightest talents out there cannot guarantee that your startup will definitely be a success. What you need are talents with the minimum prescribed capabilities, and preferably someone who have bought into your startup idea. For me, this is what I prefer rather than the brightest talent who has no passion for my startup idea but are in it just for the money (for the record, I don’t have money, at least not right now).

One other thing. Whether you like it or not, start to think like an employer! Those whom you have managed to recruit are not always candidates for business partnership. You may simply get people who will be employees to your startup. In any event, do the interview thoroughly.


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