Faster Prototype Roll-out By Not Doing 5 Things

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2012/07/04 by lingdecklee

This article is for any startup in an early stage trying to explore an idea and prove an assumption with a consumer-facing website or an app. To make this type of startups work, it is not about having an elaborate execution plan, because you don’t yet know what the consumers really want and the business environment constantly fluctuates which makes certainty a luxury. What this type of startups need to do first is to do an experiment with a toned down prototype and test the market reaction to such prototype, so as to see what works and what doesn’t, and repeat this process (iterate) until it works, before committing scarce resources into building the ultimate product (actually, there is no such thing as the ultimate product in the internet world). When you are convinced that this is the way for your early startup to go, then the article will start to make sense.

5 Ways To Roll Out a Product Faster


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